ICF Workshops

Twice a year, usually in January/February and September/October, an ICF (train-the-trainer) workshop is offered by the ICF Research Branch. The ICF Workshops take place at the Swiss Paraplegic Research (SPF) located in the Guido A. Zäch Institute in Nottwil, Switzerland - on beautiful Lake Sempach about 20 minutes from Lucerne. This two-day interactive training comprises of lectures and exercises (single and group work) aimed at training participants with no or little knowledge of the ICF in the theoretical concept of the ICF and its potential application in practice AND at teaching and providing participants, who already have ICF experience and are interested in giving ICF training themselves, a structured workshop that includes a CD with all the presentations and workshop materials. The workshop are generaly held in English. Workshops can also be held in Geman depending on the number of German-speaking participants. For information about the next workshop, see Upcoming Events.

In addition to the bi-annual ICF workshops, the ICF Research Branch also offers, upon request, ICF workshops customized to the specific needs of individual organizations. For more information about the bi-annual as well as the customized ICF workshops, contact the ICF Research Branch.



ICF Workshop Presentations

ICF Workshop slides can be downloaded by clicking here.