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ICF Workshop in Ukraine

Training trainers to train the ICF to others does not have to be a tongue-twister.

From 10-19 December 2018 the ICF Research Branch conducted 3 back-to-back ICF train-the-trainers workshop as well as a mini-workshop for policy-making stakeholders in Kyiv, Ukraine. Seventy-seven persons from diverse backgrounds (rehabilitation doctors, physical therapists, an occupational therapist, educators, WHO staff, MoH Ukraine staff, and representatives of the Ukrainian Association of Persons with Disabilities "Group for Active Rehabilitation" (www.gar.org.ua) participated in 3 workshops. Approx. 10 policy-making stakeholders from diverse government ministries participated in the mini-ICF workshop

Group photos compilation

All three workshops and the mini-workshop were organized by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health and Health Right International (http://www.healthright.org.ua/en/), and supported by the Swiss Cooperation (SDC/DEZA) Office in Ukraine. Educating health and health-related professionals in the ICF is part of the Ukrainian government's efforts to develop an evidence-informed rehabilitation system and reform the disability evaluation and determination system. 



Strengthening the ICF community in Germany – German ICF Users Conference

After last year's successful combined meeting of the German ICF and ICF-CY Users Conference in Hamburg, Germany, the ICF/ICF-CY community decided to continue this format in this year's German ICF Users Conference that took place from 7- 8 March 2019 in Stendal, Germany. The host of this year's conference, Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal), under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Matthias Morfeld, put together an interesting and informative conference program that offered the participants a wide range of topics, such as ICF-based needs assessment, goal-setting in rehabilitation, ICF and inclusion, ICF as seen from the legal context, and many more.

The participants were also able to participate in introductory workshops on the ICF and ICF-CY. The ICF workshop was conducted by the ICF Research Branch trainers Michaela Kirschneck, Dr. Sandra Kus and Melissa Selb. 

Grundlagen zur ICFFoto2 SKus ICF AWK 2019Foto MS MMorf AWK 2019 reduced

On behalf of her co-authors Angelika Eisele, Dr. Caroline Dereskewitz, and Dr. Michaela Coenen, Sandra Kus presented their poster entitled „ICF-11 Supplementary section for functioning assessment – a feasibility study on coding routine clinical hand surgery data". 

Melissa Selb (ICF Research Branch Coordinator) also gave a talk (also on behalf of Michaela Coenen, ICF Research Branch Steering Committee member) entitled "ICF implementation from an international perspective". In this talk, Melissa Selb introduced:

  • the structure and tasks of the WHO Family of International Classifications (WHO-FIC)
  • the role of DIMDI (host of the German WHO-FIC collaborating centre) in ICF implementation efforts
  • the ICF updates process and current situation
  • status of ICF-CY
  • joint use of WHO classifications
  • and WHODAS 2.0. 

 The German-language slides will soon be available on the conference webpage: https://www.hs-magdeburg.de/hochschule/aktuelles/veranstaltungen/icf-anwenderkonferenz-2019.html


Registrations still being accepted - ICF Workshop 2-3 April 2019

There is still space in the next English-language ICF workshop on Tuesday and Wednesday, 2-3 April 2019 at the Swiss Paraplegic Research (SPF) located in the Guido A. Zäch Institute in Nottwil, Switzerland - on beautiful Lake Sempach about 20 minutes from Lucerne.

Bild SPG Sempachersee
This two-day interactive training comprises of lectures and exercises (single and group work) that provides the basics of the ICF for participants, with no or little knowledge of the ICF. It also provides participants who already have experience with the ICF, the opportunity to deepen their knowledge about the ICF, insight in potential practical application of the ICF, opportunity for networking and structured workshop materials that can be used for training others. Each participant will also receive a certificate of participation.

Since workshop participants may have varying levels of ICF knowledge, the workshop covers a range of topics. Day 1 of the workshop focuses on the basics and day 2 covers specific modules like:

  • the linking methodology
  • ICF in rehab management
  • real-life examples
  • and depending on the participants, disability evaluation, ICF in research, etc...

Click here for the preliminary schedule.

The workshop fee (including 2 nights hotel accommodations with breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks and all workshop material) is approx. EUR 785 / CHF 850 depending on the number of hotel nights required.

If you would like to participate, please complete the registration form (click here) and email it to the ICF Research Branch Coordinator (), by Thursday, 21 March 2019. Due to time constraints in acquiring a visa to enter Switzerland, we are only taking registrations at this time point from those not requiring a visa.

Participants who require a letter of invitation as mandated by his/her institution/organization, please indicate this on the registration form (click here) under "comments". NOTE: Kindly allow enough time for the application/visa processing.

If you would like additional information about the ICF Workshop, please contact Melissa Selb, ICF Research Branch Coordinator at .

Next available German-language ICF Workshops

The next available German-language ICF workshop will take place on Monday/Tuesday, 11-12 November 2019 (April and June workshops are full) at the Research Unit for Biopsychosocial Health, Chair for Public Health and Health Services Research at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) Munich, Germany. The one and a half day training workshop will cover a wide range of topics and comprises a basic module as well as specific modules.

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Day 1: Basic module – 8 trainings sessions

Day 2: Advanced modules (optional) – 4 training sessions

Further information about the workshops as well as the registration form can be found here: http://ihrs.ibe.med.uni-muenchen.de/veranstaltungen/icf_schulung1/index.html.

The Branch Newsletter as an Online Newsletter

Reflective of our time, the ICF Research Branch Newsletter - referred to from now on as the Branch Newsletter - will be published as an online newsletter rather than paper-based or as a PDF. The Branch Newsletter can be read directly on the ICF Research Branch website www.icf-research-branch.org, and individual articles can be printed. An email notification that a new edition of the Branch Newsletter is available will be sent to those who have subscribed to the Branch Newsletter by completing the form here.