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ICF Workshops

English-language ICF Workshops

Twice a year, usually in January/February and September/October, an English-language ICF workshop is offered by the ICF Research Branch. The ICF Workshops take place at the Swiss Paraplegic Research (SPF) located in the Guido A. Zäch Institute in Nottwil, Switzerland - on beautiful Lake Sempach about 20 minutes from Lucerne. This two-day interactive training comprises of lectures and exercises (single and group work) aimed at training participants with no or little knowledge of the ICF in the theoretical concept of the ICF and its potential application in practice. It also provides participants who already have experience with the ICF the opportunity to deepen their knowledge about the ICF, insight in potential practical application of the ICF, opportunity for networking and structured workshop materials that can be used for training others. Each participant will also receive a certificate of participation.

In addition to the regular ICF workshops, the ICF Research Branch also offers, upon request, ICF workshops customized to the specific needs of individual organizations. For more information about the bi-annual as well as the customized ICF workshops, contact the ICF Research Branch.

   Example of ICF Workshop Schedule

Some workshop slides can be downloaded by clicking here:

German-language ICF Workshops

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich (LMU) under the auspices of the ICF Research Branch has been conducting German-language ICF workshops upon request for many years. Since 2017, LMU has also been conducting regular ICF workshops in German. For information about current ICF workshops being offered at LMU, go to

ICF Train-the-Trainer Workshops

The standard ICF Workshop of the ICF Research Branch has been further developed resulting in a targeted train-the-trainer workshop. Each module of the standard ICF workshop has slides that address what the trainer will be able to do when he/she completes the particular module as well as frequently asked questions and tips & tricks. Since each element of the workshop has its specific character according to the knowledge and skills that are being conveyed in each module, the ICF-train-the-trainer workshop addresses trainer considerations from module to module. There is also a specially tailored module that aims to deepen trainer skills and provide tools trainers need to teach the ICF to others. The module also gives participants the opportunity to practice how to convey a piece of information and to exchange ideas for creating exercises.