Online expert consultation: Healthy ageing & rehabilitation

The World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre for Rehabilitation in Global Health Systems, hosted by the University of Lucerne (Switzerland), has been requested by the WHO Regional Office for Europe to conduct an online expert consultation about how rehabilitation is currently being delivered for persons 60+. To ensure that all rehabilitation stakeholders are well represented, the Center for Rehabilitation in Global Health Systems is reaching out to you for your support in responding and disseminating the survey within your network. The survey will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. Your support will be crucial to ensure that a comprehensive range of perspectives from all WHO regions and all relevant stakeholders is collected.  The survey is available in ...

Landmark WHO Resolution on Rehabilitation

On 27 May 2023, the resolution "Strengthening Rehabilitation in Health Systems" was unanimously adopted by the 76th World Health Assembly. This landmark resolution calls for the allocation of more resources to address rehabilitation needs, for fully including rehabilitation as an essential health strategy for achieving universal health coverage, for developing feasible global health system rehabilitation targets and indicators for effective coverage of rehabilitation services by 2030.  The resolution specifically mentions the ICF as "a standard language and conceptual basis for the definition and measurement of health, functioning and disability". And it urges Member States, among other things, "to enhance health information systems to collect information relevant to rehabilitatio...

2nd Edition ICF Core Set Manual for Clinical Practice

Almost 9 years after the publication of the 1st Edition, the 2nd Edition of the ICF Core Sets - Manual for Clinical Practiceis now available. Introduces the concepts of functioning and the biopsychosocial model of the ICF Describes how and why the ICF Core Sets have been developed Explains step-by-step an approach for applying the ICF Core Sets in clinical practice Provides practical tips for clinicians to apply the easy-to-use, comprehensive documentation form Includes case examples illustrating the assessment of people with different health conditions and in different healthcare contexts The accompanying electronic documentation tool is also available on an open access basis at

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