ICF Workshop in Belgium

Training trainers to train the ICF to others does not have to be a tongue-twister.

From 29-30 November 2018 the ICF Research Branch conducted an ICF train-the-trainers workshop in Gijzegem (Aalst) in Belgium. A multidisciplinary group of 29 persons from different parts of Belgium actively participated in this workshop.

ICF Workshop Belgium

This ICF train-the-trainer workshop was organised by Sig vzw (www.sig-net.be), a non-profit organisation whose mission is "to improve the quality of life of persons with disability and their environment by stimulating inclusion and integration into society". Among the many activities undertaken by Sig to reach this mission, Sig offers education and training to professionals on diverse topics like the ICF. On the topic of ICF, Sig works in close collaboration with the ICF-Platform (https://icfplatform.weebly.com/), an association of multidisciplinary and multisectorial ICF experts who aim to promote the use of the ICF in Belgium. ICF-Platform has also worked collaboratively with the Dutch WHO-FIC collaborating centre, most recently in complementing the Dutch version of the ICF with Flemish content in order to expand the ICF's accessibility to current and potential users in Flanders (https://class.whofic.nl/browser.aspx).