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The annual meeting of the WHO Family of International Classifications (WHO-FIC) Network took place from 8-12 October in Tokyo, Japan. The topic of this year's meeting is Health information in the New Era. The meeting was held in conjunction with a high-level conference of WHO member states on the 11th revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11).

In the spirit of the Kobe G7 Health Ministers' Meeting in September 2016, during which the G7 Health Ministers acknowledged the value of using the ICF (and the ICD) in the context of routine reporting mechanisms (among other contexts), the WHO-FIC and the ICD Revision meetings highlighted the importance of the interoperability between the WHO classifications – ICD, ICF and ICHI. Of special relevance to the work of the ICF Research Branch and the ICF community was one take-home message – that functioning information based on the ICF is an essential element toward strengthening the health information system for rehabilitation and ultimately toward achieving the United Nations' Sustainable Development agenda.

Pic of SDG overview2

Taken from http://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/sustainable-development-goals/

The ICF Research Branch was well-represented with several delegates and was active in running the meeting of the functioning Topic Advisory Group (fTAG) and with two oral presentations at a plenary poster session. The poster presented were:

Poster C303 (Click here to access poster)
Describing the impact of a disease on functioning: Coding functioning properties in ICD-11
Selb M, Kennedy C, Melvin J, Sykes C, Bang S, Gongolo F, Sart H, Riberto M, Lee H, Millar J, Martinuzzi A, Robinson Nicol MM, Stucki G.

The possibility of coding functioning properties in the ICD-11 was the main topic at the October 9th fTAG meeting.

Poster C505 (Click here to access poster)
ICF INFO – An update on the methodology: Refinements of the ICF Linking Rules
Coenen M, Bickenbach J, Prodinger B, Stucki G, Cieza A.

Other posters which the Branch (co-)authored:

  • C108 Work Plan Update – Functioning Topic Advisory Group (fTAG)
  • C206 Report form the German Collaborating Centre
  • C503 Comparability of health information: Paper series in Disability & Rehabilitation on the ICF Linking Rules and their application
  • C504 Japanese experience in developing National Rehabilitation Quality Management Systems
  • C506 ICF INFO – An update on its implications with an illustrative example
  • C525 Development of a metric for tracking and comparing population health based on the ICF Generic Set
  • C527 What are the Swedish quality registries about? Content comparision using ICF
  • C532 Launching the ICF-based assessment – The ICF HandA – by using the online presence of the Lighthouse Project Hand

Click here to access the complete poster booklet: http://www.who.int/classifications/network/meeting2016/en/. Other meeting documents, including the slides of all presentations, are expected to be posted on the meeting website http://www.who.int/classifications/network/meeting2016/en/ in due time.