Other ICF Core Set-based Instruments

In addition to the VAP-e Questionnaire that is based on the ICF Core Set for vestibular disease (see separate Branch Newsletter article), there have been other ICF Core Set-based instruments developed. These include the ASAS Health Index and the ICF Educational e-Tool.

Printscreen ASAS Health Index

[Source: https://www.asas-group.org/clinical-instruments/asas-health-index/]

Printscreen ICF Educational eTool

[Source: http://learn.phsa.ca/shhc/icf/]

The ASAS Health Index was developed under the auspices of the Assessment of SpondyloArthritis International Society (ASAS) to assess health in patients with all forms of spondyloarthritis. Based on the ICF Core Set for ankylosing spondylitis, the ASAS Health Index contains 17 items of health and 9 items related to environmental factors, and answered with either “I agree” or “I do not agree”. It can be used in clinical trials as a new composite index that captures relevant information on the health status of patients with spondyloarthritis. The 17-item part of the ASAS Health Index is available in 35 languages and the 9-item environmental factors part in 22 languages. All the language versions of the ASAS Health Index as well as an English-language user's manual is available for downloading (free of charge) on the clinical instruments page of the ASAS website https://www.asas-group.org/clinical-instruments/asas-health-index/. The references for the publications describing the development of the ICF Core Sets for ankylosing spondylitis and the ASAS Health Index can also be found on the ASAS website.

The ICF Educational e-Tool was developed by Dr. Veronica Schiariti and colleagues from the University of British Columbia as an implementation of the ICF Core Sets for children and youth with cerebral palsy (CP). Dr. Schiariti also led the project to develop these ICF Core Sets with support of the ICF Research Branch. The ICF Educational e-Tool is a website – http://learn.phsa.ca/shhc/icf/ – that introduces the ICF and its utility in paediatrics, describes the 5 ICF Core Sets (comprehensive set, common brief set, brief set for children below 6 years of age, brief set for children and youth 6-13 years of age, brief set for youth 14-18 years of age) and how to use them, and provides 5 case studies that illustrate the use of the relevant ICF Core Set and ICF qualifiers as a scoring system. Users of the ICF Educational e-Tool can also download the available language versions of the ICF Core Sets for children and youth with CP – English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Taiwanese. For questions about the ICF Educational e-Tool, feel free to contact Dr. Veronica Schiariti at .

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