Training Trainers to Train Others on the ICF – An Approach That Doesn’t Have to Be a Tongue Twister

Preparing others to become potential trainers of ICF is a challenge, but it does not have to be complicated. In December 2017, the ICF Research Branch developed a train-the-trainer approach that expands the standard ICF workshop that it conducts regularly, partly to meet the growing need for ICF trainings. Given the limited human resources for conducting ICF workshops, the ICF Research Branch supports the multiplier effect – instead of holding all the ICF workshops needed, it provides workshop participants the knowledge, skills and material to become ICF trainers themselves.

The overall aims of this ICF train-the-trainer workshop are to:

  • to deepen participants’ knowledge about the ICF and potential practical applications of the ICF
  • to hone ICF trainer skills
  • to provide structured workshop materials that can be used for training others in the ICF
  • to provide the opportunity for networking 

It is designed as an interactive workshop comprising of lectures and individual and group exercises and is set up into modules. Each module starts with information that identifies not only what the participants would learn in the module, but also what the trainer should be able to convey to the participants after completing the module. Additionally, each module introduces frequently asked questions from participants as well as tips and tricks on training methodology.

TraintheTrainer Visual V2

There is also a specifically designed train-the-trainer module that aims to make the trainer’s job easier by addressing various topics, such as workshop organisation and logistics, ICF self-learning resources, and teaching methodology. This module also comprises of a group exercise that asks participants to select and adapt a module for a chosen audience. This gives them a chance to practice conveying the knowledge encompassed in the selected module and to exchange ideas for creating exercises. Recognising the diverse needs and experiences of potential trainers, this ICF train-the-trainer approach emphasises the importance of targeting the transfer of ICF knowledge to the audience, and encourages the active sharing of information and ideas. The ultimate goal of this ICF train-the-trainer approach is to make teaching and learning about the ICF more interesting and fun.

For more information, contact the ICF Research Branch Coordinator at .

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