New WHO-FIC Governance Structure

The WHO Family of International Classifications (WHO-FIC) Network was established in 1970 to promote the implementation, use, maintenance, and updating of the WHO reference classifications. It includes all designated WHO Collaborating Centres (as well as those under designation), such as the German Collaborating Centre. Since the ICF Research Branch is a partner within the German Collaborating Centre, it is considered a part of the WHO-FIC Network. The WHO-FIC Network is governed by an Advisory Council and supported by a small executive group. Since 1970, the WHO-FIC Network has established 4 committees and 3 reference groups.

At the WHO-FIC Annual Meeting in Tokyo, Japan in October 2017, a new governance structure for the WHO-FIC Network was launched. As part of this new governance structure, the Classification and Statistics Advisory Committee (CSAC) was formed. CSAC replaces the former Update and Revision Committee, the committee responsible for the updates to ICD and ICF and the revision of the ICD. Composed of representatives from the WHO-FIC Network, including WHO Collaborating Centres from different countries, NGOs, other group Co-Chairs, and additional experts selected by WHO, the primary role of the CSAC is to support WHO in the maintenance and update of WHO classifications, including the ICF. For more information on CSAC, the governance structure of WHO-FIC or the WHO-FIC Network in general, go to the document "Conduct of the WHO Family of International Classifications Network" on the WHO website here:

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