Updated ICF Case Studies Booklets and Website

To illustrate the use of the ICF in rehabilitation practice, Swiss Paraplegic Research together with Swiss Paraplegic Centre (SPZ), one of Europe's leading (acute and rehabilitation) centres for paraplegia, spinal cord injury (SCI) and spinal cord diseases (SCD), conducted a series of 20 ICF-based case studies from 2007-2009. In this project, persons of different age groups and gender and who are living with SCI of varying etiology and levels of severity, were accompanied during their rehabilitation at SPZ. The rehabilitation process was then described using the Rehab-Cycle® and the corresponding ICF-based documentation tools. Each case focused on a specific theme of SCI rehabilitation, such as goal-setting, community reintegration, SCI and chronic pain management. For each case, a booklet was produced that is available as hardcopy and also as a PDF in the download section of www.icf-research-branch.org. Additionally, there is a designated website for the case studies, www.icf-casestudies.org, on which the content of the booklet is also displayed electronically with figures and tables as pop-ups.

To ensure that the information (references, hyperlinks to cited websites, discourse on topics) related to the various themes addressed in the case studies are current, the booklets as well as the ICF case studies website have been updated and revised accordingly. The website also has a new "look" with new features that facilitates its viewing.

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